Useful Facts About Hair Transplant

Useful Facts About Hair Transplant

If you’ve been considering having a hair transplant procedure, there really isn’t any reason not to proceed, but there are a few things you should find out ahead of time. Perhaps the most important thing of all is to find a hair transplant professional or clinic that has a well deserved reputation for excellence.

If you are going to have the transplant procedure done at all, you want the end result to be a nice head of hair, or even a decent head of hair, and not a head of hair that looks like it was designed by committee.

Hair Transplant Research – Go Online

One way to go about this is to get in touch with people who have had the procedure done, are happy with the results, and also are more than happy to recommend the hair restoration surgeon who did the work. You may already know someone, or if not, you may have to start searching.

Going online can be a help in this case, as there are quite a few websites addressing hair transplant and restoration, so check out forums in which you can search and discuss with other people. As you might expect, alot of websites are apt to be promotional in nature, but with a little searching you can unearth hair restoration forums that have members who have undergone the procedure.

There are also more authoritative sites that specialize in hair restoration like Hasson and Wong and also Bosley.  When I did my research myself, these two sites provided alot of great information.

FAQ Pages Can Be Helpful

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Just keep in mind that where the promotional websites tend to come in handy is if they have a FAQ page. These pages often will provide answers to some of the questions you may have about the process, or at least answer them in part. For example, you may be wondering how many grafts will be required, if your transplant will last a lifetime, or what the growth time line is following surgery.

So when you get to those sites that are overly promotional, look for the FAQ pages for some information.

Is A Hair Transplant Expensive?

The answer is of course, it depends. Hair transplants are usually calculated on a per graft basis, with each graft normally consisting of a single hair. The most common procedure used for hair restoration is to transplant one graft, or follicle, at a time, although there are multi-graft procedures available.

Unfortunately, hair cannot be grown from seed, as does watercress or wheat.

Hair follicles that are going to be inserted in the scalp have to be borrowed from somewhere else, either from somewhere else on the body, or from another person.

Hair follicles that are to be transplanted are called donor follicles. Donor follicles taken from places other than the scalp are  normally genetically more resistant to balding.  We rarely lose hair that grows on other parts of the body.

Hair follicles from another person can be used as well, and any chance of  these donor follicles being rejected by the body is slight. A hair follicle has a definite life cycle however, no matter where it come from or where it is going to. Its life cycle is not in any way altered  by the transplant process. If it is genetically programmed to lose its single strand of hair at some point in time, it will do so. The strand of hair will fall out and not grow back.

Ballpark Price

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The cost typically runs about $5 per graft, some clinics charge  a couple of dollars less while others might charge up to $10 per graft. What you will get for your money requires additional research.

You’re likely not in a position to determine how many grafts you need unless you measure the area of your head and know the number of grafts per square inch or per square centimeter that it will take to do the job.

You may be able to come up with a ballpark figure armed with the knowledge that it takes in the neighborhood of 50 grafts per square centimeter to acquire a thick covering of hair.

A hair restoration expert however would probably only need to take a quick look at your head to be able to give you a pretty close estimate of what the final cost to your will be. Once you have at least one estimate , you can start to do some comparison shopping. It should be noted that there are also multi-hair grafts, with two hairs per graft being quite common, and three or four-hair grafts not all that unusual.

So What Now?

The key to a successful hair transplant is finding the right hair restoration surgeon or clinic, but after some research you will realize a considerable amount of time and money is necessary.  If you are ready, by all means go for it.  You will be glad when it’s over and you will no longer have to worry about your hair.

If you are not to the point where you are ready to take this big step yet, you may still have a change at stopping your hair from thinning and actually regrowing some hair back naturally.  Items like Rogaine foam and Nioxin are good tools to have to get started.