Itchy Scalp, Hair Loss, And Other Problems

Itchy Scalp, Hair Loss, And Other Problems

You have an itchy scalp, hair loss, and maybe even a burning scalp… and your hair hurts when you comb it right?

You are certain you’re experiencing a perfect storm of hair problems. A burning scalp-hair loss situation seems to make some sense, as we tend to associate pain with either disease or some kind of damage the scalp has suffered that could possibly result in hair loss.

The itchy scalp-hair loss situation doesn’t seem to make quite as much sense. Usually when our head itches it’s due to scalp dandruff, contact dermatitis, or something of that nature, which can be irritating but doesn’t cause your hair to fall out. Seborrheic dermatitis on the other hand can cause the hair to thin out, and can even cause baldness in  extreme cases, and itching is typically one of the symptoms of this type of dermatitis.

The fact is, even though experiencing itchy scalp, hair loss, and burning scalp at the same time might mean  a strong relationship among the three exists, they can just as easily be occurring coincidentally, but quite independently of one another. Any relationship that may exist between the three conditions appears to be a symbiotic relationship in most instances.

One condition can cause one of the other conditions to occur, and vice-verse. A burning scalp seems at times be a direct cause of hair loss, while at other times excessive hair loss can cause a burning sensation in the scalp. A burning scalp and an itching scalp can sometimes be caused by the same thing, or one can cause the other, or they may occur together without there being any relationship whatsoever between them.

This may sound a bit confusing, and the fact is, it is a bit confusing. An important point to consider is that an itchy scalp doesn’t usually lead to hair loss. There are numerous things that can make your scalp itch, and most of them have little if anything to do with hair production. If you have an itchy scalp, get something to relieve the itching, or if the cause is known, something that will cure the cause.   Medications claiming to prevent hair loss may or may not do so. No one knows for sure.

But is there a connection between hair loss and an itchy scalp?

The itchy scalp-hair loss connection, if there is one, hasn’t been studied in great depth aside from the knowledge that certain diseases which can cause hair loss can also cause the scalp to itch. If the itching is treated but the disease is not, hair will still fall out. If the disease can be diagnosed and treated, the itching stops and hair is saved.

There is issue that remains however. Some medical experts are convinced that burning and Itchy Scalp and Hair Lossitching of the scalp is very often a psychosomatic condition. You think your scalp is on fire, but it’s only your brain playing tricks on you.

If that’s the case, whatever you put on your head won’t help, unless it fools your brain into thinking the pain and itching have gone away. A strange relationship indeed.

One reason why the aforementioned conditions can sometimes occur simultaneously, but without seeming to have a common cause, is that there are a number of disorders of the scalp having a genetic basis, these genetic-based disorders could cause the scalp to itch or burn. Psoriasis and alopecia areata are two disorders that are thought to be genetically based, with the latter disorder often being responsible for hair loss, while psoriasis can definitely cause localized pain or itching.

It has not been easy however to differentiate between genetic causes of disorders, and other causes, although there is currently a great deal of research in this area. Making matters even more confusing is the role played by environment and lifestyle.

So what does this all mean then?

Well, unfortunately there aren’t alot of answer.   There are just some thing we can try to help relieve some of the problem.

What we seem to be faced with in looking for the causes of  itchy scalp, hair loss, or burning scalp is that it the causes are a variety of things.  These causes are a kind of soup containing genes, environmental elements, infection, immune system characteristics, and possibly workings of the the brain, making it somewhat obvious why treating or a curing these conditions is often so very difficult.

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