DermMatch Topical Shading Review

DermMatch Topical Shading Review

  • Instant Thickening
  • Covers bald spot
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use

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DermMatch Topical Shading Review – Is This Hair Loss Concealing Product for You?

No one likes to see their hair thinning, graying and falling. This can have an adverse effect on your looks and on your self esteem. DermMatch is designed to provide a solution to this problem. This review aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the product in concealing the hair problems that you have. Find out more about the nature, works and ingredients of the agent to decide if it will produce the desired results in your individual case.

What does the DermMatch product package contain?DermMatch Topic Shading

DermMatch has a disc with hard powder and an applicator. The powder is thick. The color is very deep as well. It is quite close to black, in fact, even though it has chocolaty undertones. The applicator is similar in design to the typical eye shadow sponge brushes. The main difference is that it is larger. Both the sponge and the handle are bigger.

How do you use the product?

You can choose whether to dampen the applicator or not. In general, dampening is recommended for people with medium to long hair. Individuals with short hair may prefer to apply the powder in dry form. The same applies if you want to conceal white hairs in a beard.

  • Brush the DermMatch powder over your hair as many times as necessary.
  • Then, brush your hair so that the powder can spread evenly on the scalp and hairs.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the substance to dry or blow drying at a low temperature.

You can use these methods provided that they will not increase the numbers of lost hairs in your particular case.

How does DermMatch work?

The powder has hair coloring and hardening agents. As it covers the hairs, they appear darker. Since the scalp is covered as well, this creates an optical illusion for greater volume and thickness. The hardening agents virtually lift the hairs up and spread them more evenly around the head. This actually gives more volume to the hair and it appears a lot thicker than it actually is.

DermMatch Review – How reliable is the product?

It is natural for you to ask how long the powder will stay on your head and whether it will be affected by the elements and water in particular. You can expect the concealing agent to remain in tact until the next washing with a hair shampoo. The powder does not leak when in contact with water. You should not expect to see brown color on your pillow if you sweat at night. The powder does not get washed off even when you swim in a pool or in salt water. Sunlight and wind do not affect the concealing agent adversely.

How safe is DermMatch for individuals with hair problems?

The powder has been tested and is not known to cause any adverse skin reactions. It does not clog the pores and hair follicles. Apart from the hard powder designed to conceal hair graying, thinning and loss, this product contains botanicals and emollients. The plant extracts contain antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that nurture the scalp and promote hair growth and thickening. The emollients have soothing and moisturizing properties. They keep the scalp hydrated and healthy so that it can produce more and stronger hairs.

How effective is this product in concealing hair problems?

This concealing powder works very well to cover gray hairs and bold spots on the scalp. It makes thin hairs appear thicker. All users will benefit from added volume as well as from added color. This is one of the great advantages of the product.

This DermMatch review finds a number of other advantages that should be pointed out. The concealing agent dries quickly. More importantly, it does not get affected by water and perspiration. Another advantage is that a single disc of powder can be used for a considerably long period of time. The main added benefits include scalp moisturizing, soothing and nurturing.

Here are some before and after reviews as seen as the Dermmatch website:

DermMatch Review

dermmatch before and after


This DermMatch review finds that the product is effective and safe as a concealing agent. It works to promote scalp and hair health as well. It is recommended to men and women of all ages.